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Reply To: More questions from yet another noob

Davy Sprocket, February 12, 2011 at 12:34 pm

ViewAskewed said: I’ve wanted to ride Ragbrai for years now but never have, due mostly to inconvenience and scheduling.  I live in Des Moines, so this year I decided I will start with riding just 1 day (that being day 4, Boone to Altoona).  My problem is I don’t really have a road bike.  I have a 7-8 year old Trek mountain bike that was given to me.  I don’t really want to go drop the money on a road bike as my Trek suits my regular riding just fine.  I have ridden it comfortably for 20+ miles nonstop on cycling trails and roads, and am curious if anyone thinks it is a particularly bad idea to try the longer, hillier route on it. I chose day 4 both out of convenience and the fact that is the shortest day with the lowest elevation change so I think it is the best place for a virtual novice to start.  Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

I did my first ragbrai on a Gary Fisher “Wahoo” that I bought for $25 dollars from my neighbor who had it sitting out by his barn for 2-years.  I bought the bike about 10-days before the ride and just gave it a quick sprusing and put a set of narrower road tires on it.  I rode the entire week self-contained on that bike and had a blast.  A road bike is a lot more fun to ride in my opinion, but not a requirement by any means.  Come and experience the Brai and then decide whether you want to change bikes.  You will have a much better idea of what you want after the ride.

Kick back and just have fun!  No worries my friend.  10-15 miles at a time will get you to the end in plenty of time.  Good Luck!

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