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Reply To: My favorite charter, Pork Belly Ventures!

pmac, February 2, 2012 at 8:41 am

I agree that PBV has mostly pluses and a couple of minor minuses due to the size of the charter.  If you’re going alone or with just a couple of people you can count on them really taking care of you.  Because of the size of the group they can have things like their own shower trucks with unlimited showers and a mid-week laundry, which were really great.  I also liked the tent service.  While it seems a bit pricey at $400 on top of the charter fee, it was worth it to me last summer.  I did think the “free” beer was a bit overrated, but hey if you like what they are serving its a real plus.  If you don’t drink beer or don’t drink much, you’re paying for it anyway.

All in all you can’t go using PBV.  I haven’t used other charters, but my guess it that they all pretty good.  For the ones like PBV and QCBC who have been in business for years,  it seems like they all have it down to a science.

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