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Reply To: ok, what about bugs….

GetAClue Blue, May 28, 2012 at 10:40 pm

I live 40 miles south of Houston, close to the coast. I went outside tonight to get something from my workshop. After i got a few feet from the house, a gang of mosquitoes came up behind me and pushed me to the ground. A pack of them pinned me to the ground while thousands of them began taking my blood. I yelled for help and a neighbor came running over armed with a can of Deep Woods Off. They were dragging me to the back alley just before the neighbor got to me and saturated the area with Off which made them let me go. I crawled to the back door and quickly slammed the door behind me as I stumbled into the house. They kept knocking on the door and trying to break the glass but I wouldn’t let them in so they finally gave up and started looking for another victim at a different location.

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