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Reply To: RAGBRAI "Bucket List" for Newbie

Csprint, April 7, 2012 at 12:39 am

Iowa Hawkeyegal: So…this is my first RAGBRAI and I am trying to create a “Bucket List” of all the things “I HAVE TO DO” on RAGBRAI.

Surprised no one mentioned dipping your rear tire in the Missouri river, either in surrogate water or the actual river!

Fix a flat tire, either yours or a companion’s.

thangamalang:While you are wrapped up in everything exciing and new .. I know this may be hard to do for you and your newness but. At least once a day as you roll into a small town and see some older residents, on lawn chairs wathcing and wishing … stop by and say, “Hello”.

I second that thangamalang, it’s good to wave or stop and chat for a bit with the senior folks; I think I’ve had the most fun conversations with the local residents.

Czech the pronunciation of the local town.

SWEET corn, sweet corn, sweet corn!

Chris Cakes pancakes are always best in a machine shed!

Sit down next to a stranger at a convenience store and compare the state of your butts!

See early morning fog rolling away off into the vales.

Have a little kid hose you down from the roadside on a hot day!

At least consider a Tour de Farms tee shirt!

Have a bloody mary in the morning.

Get a cool cycling thingamabob from one of the traveling bike shops, somehow it’s just more special like that.

If struggling up a hill, remember this is nothing, it’s just a slightly different shade of fun, hills always end!


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