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knees36, March 14, 2012 at 7:07 pm

One’s, another hill between Stratford and Daytonn 175. That one is at least a straight shot. Coming into Stratford curves around hiding the crest. We used to do loop out of Dolliver coming out of the DMRiver valley 3 times.Or do the Brushy Creek and Boomerang river hill and DM twice. H

I drove to Ames (and Lowe’s) today for some home remodeling stuff and purposely drove the short stretch from Dayton to Stratford, and yes, there’s quite the hill and dale made by the DM River. Haven’t been on that span of road for decades. Didn’t see any “friendly” goats though. I’ve always thought goats were a bit smarter than sheep, now maybe not. On the way back to Dodge I drove by the tiny burg of Homer and it would be very easy to miss. Their sign, “Homer”, is missing at the turnoff to the town,and the church is deserted (the bell is gone from the steeple, there’s only two or three boards left of what was the steeple, there’s quite a bit of overgrowth of trees and shrubbery around the church, and the road into and out of Homer is gravel surfaced.) There’s still two homes in Homer and Lamb’s Small Engine business appears to be going strong yet…and that’s where I saw the town’s “Homer” sign, just across the street from the business. Additionally, the trees have grown taller and hedges are much thicker than when I was last there and I almost missed the entire town myself even though I remembered where it was located. I doubt that there will be much there in the way of food/entertainmnet when we roll through there on Day 3 unless some vendor makes it happen. It might be a place to set something up, though, with a clever advertisement about Homer and with still 10-12 miles to go to reach Webster City. Cheers.:roll:

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