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Tony, March 25, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Road congestion can be from, you have the road to your self to clogged.

Here, I have these sections all to myself, kinda…

Note bikes as far as the eye can see.In this photo that was about 7 miles to the horizon. Typical mid day pack.

Typical mid pack crowd.

This insanity of cycling was caused due to Farm Boys breakfast. Note the mass continues to the horizon. Mind you this was the main pack and it was the first breakfast stop that morning. This will thin out by the first town and is a good reason to be on the road by 6 to 6:30 to avoid the mass. People start leaving around 5ish to avoid heat and the mass. Most leave around 7. The campsites are ghost towns by 8am. Some leave after 8 to avoid the mass. Note if you leave before dark. Have your lights on. You will be ticketed without lights.

You have 12 hours to officially be on the road, 6am-6pm. You know your average in saddle speed. Take the days distance to get average in saddle ride time. Subtract that from the 12 hours to get your total time to lounge in the thru towns. Divide that buy the amount of thru towns to get the maximum time per town. If you take the time now to investigate the towns. You will know ahead of time which towns to pass up, spend less time, or make time to see an attraction. I’m making interactive Google maps for our charter service. To help riders with this. They will be open for public viewing.

Overnight experience is what you make of it. Some nights you just have to call it a day and get rest. Others its party time. But always remember the most important thing about riding consecutive days. Is a good nights sleep. So bare that in mind if the next day is a long one. I like to watch the street entertainers. My favorite is hula hoop gal and the jugglers.

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