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Reply To: Reflections of first Ragbrai

gingerjet, August 1, 2011 at 10:23 am

Having passed and been passed by teams running pace lines I found them all to be predictable and professional.  Which is what you want.

What I didn’t find professional are single riders weaving in and out of other cyclists, riding all over the road, or bikers lecturing other bikers.  I’m reminded of an incident going up a hill where a cyclist came up on our left in the other lane complaining that he shouldn’t have to pass in the left lane going up a hill.  Then proceeded to pass in the left lane on a hill.  He came across as arrogant and a complete idiot.

What ragbrai needs to do is get rid of the “ride right” motto.  Its a idiotic phrase and anyone who yells it out comes across as arrogant.  The goal is to ride predictably and straight.  Not “right”.

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