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Reply To: registration and camper?

Michael Knapp, February 11, 2012 at 8:25 am

If you are bringing a support vehicle for your team is should be registered, just like your cyclists. If you have a separate driver, he or she should be registered as a driver too. Its a small price to pay for supporting RAGBRAI.

The window sticker for your vehicle will give you access to main camp grounds and other facilities/areas controlled for “registered vehicles only.” There is usually an area reserved for RV’s and motor homes. Vans, trucks and other vehicles can usually park someplace adjacent to the camping areas, some times right at your camping space. Sometimes locals will let you park at their house/camp in their yards, but you need to ask first rather then invading their yard/easement.

Support vehicles have separate route maps that show you the way to the mid-day official meet town and to the overnight town. If you want to meet your support vehicle more often to support weaker riders on your team you need a good Iowa map to chart intersects at towns along the rider’s route. STAY OFF THE RIDERS ROUTE WITH SUPPORT VEHICLES WHERE EVER POSSIBLE if you chose to meet up along the way. Its not only dangerous for both riders and vehicles, but the cops/RAGBRAI can get mighty perturbed with you.

Figure out a plan for your driver to leave directions to where you are camping in each town. Pick a generally spot on the main campground bulletin board to post directions ( upper right hand corner, middle, etc.) I would also suggest that you make easily identifiable posting boards or paper as it will make it easier on your riders to find it amongst the other 4000 messages posted there.

Good luck.

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