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Reply To: Renting a road bike in Iowa for the week of Ragbrai

“Bicycle Bill”, February 12, 2012 at 1:58 pm

Renting a road bike for RAGBRAI is not all that good an idea. A road bike is going to put you in a different riding position than a hybrid or mountain bike. You’re going to feel ‘funny’ on it. It may not fit you well — and if you’re going to spend seven days and 450 miles or more on a bike, you definitely want it to fit! The brakes, the derailleur levers, even the water bottle placement are all likely to be different. You need to be comfortable on your bike and have had some time together with it.

As far as the original question — you can probably rent a road bike for RAGBRAI. Couldn’t tell you exactly where, but I’m sure there are some places that would do that. It probably won’t be all that cheap, and the amount of money would probably buy you a halfway decent used road bike early enough in the season that you would be able to make you and it are comfortable together and ready for whatever RAGBRAI will throw at you.


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