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Reply To: Replacing tires??

KittySlayer, July 8, 2011 at 2:13 pm

helenheart said: What actually happens if you blow out a tire as you are careening down an Iowa hill – and what should the cyclist do?It is a real fear – and I always worry I would not survive it.

Note that most flats are simply punctures which you can just slow down the bike like normal and then stop and look for a strong man to fix for you. Cleavage will bring along additional helpers if needed, shaved legs help too.

For a blow off where the tire is partially destroyed and potentially separating from the rim. First off you want to keep heading straight and not make any sudden turns. Treat it like you would a car driving on ice, no sudden moves. A metal rim on asphalt is pretty useless.

If it is a rear blowout simply use your front brake to bring yourself to a safe stop. Do not use your rear brake as the rear tire has no control.

A front blow out (as opposed to a punctured tube) has the potential to make you lose control of your bike and crash. The squirmy rubber of the front tire will make steering your bike a challenge, thus the goal of continuing in a straight line until you can get stopped. Brake with your rear brake only, NO front brake. Unclip both feet but stay on the pedals, only use your feet as outriggers if you start to turn and cant control it. Shift your weight back in the saddle to lighten up our front wheel. Keep both hands on the bars, all the way through the crash so you don’t stick an arm out and mess yourself up even more in the crash. Lots to think about in an instant but if you dont panic you should be able to safely come to a stop and avoid asphalt surfing. Once stopped you will appreciate the advice carrying a bit of TP with you when on the ride.

Hint – When leaving a roadside stop, before you get on your bike always spin your front and rear wheel, visually inspect the tires and use your glove to wipe them clean of flat causing debri.

So to review safe recreational activity (cycling):
– Good Rubbers
– Strong Men
– Cleavage
– Shaved Legs
– Nerves of Steel
– Wipe Well
– Avoid Going Down unless absolutely necessary

It really is just like riding a bike.

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