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Reply To: riding Ragbrai as a vegetarian

CyclingRoberto, July 16, 2011 at 10:35 pm

I’ve done RAGBRAI 4 times.  I’ve been a vegetarian for 40 years.  You will have trouble finding food to eat, trust me.  All these people who say, “Lots of pasta…” don’t really understand that a vegetarian doesn’t just not eat meat.  There is a vendor called “Garden of Eden” that offers vegetarian food on the route.  And yes there’s the extremely overpriced, over-cooked, and not-so-good Pasta Fariran food.  Beyond that, you’re gonna have trouble.  My advice is pack some freeze dried camping meals (I get mine from Mary Jane Farms).  I bring a small stove, and I cook my own food most nights.   After a night or two of church pasta dinners, you will wish you’d done the same.  Also cup of noodles or soup is good, since all you need is hot water.  So beyond corn on the cob, the occasional fresh fruit, and maybe a salad or pizza, the dinner choices are slim pickings.

BTW, to all you hog loving folks putting down a lifestyle you have no clue about: I weigh 175, 5’11”, age 63, no meds, bp 110/70, resting pulse 45, and I’ve put in over 4600 miles in 2011.
See you  on the road,

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