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Reply To: Rookie: explain how vehicles drive along route?

knees36, March 25, 2011 at 9:43 am

lhpakrat said: So my daughter and her friend are doing the road trip in front of a friend and I. How does this work? Are they driving on same route and at what speed? Can they go at 55mph or so and then just wait for us at the next town or can they stop along the way and wait for us?

Belive me…you do not want anyone with you to drive on the bike route!!! (Way too congested with cyclists!!!)  They would NOT be able to drive at 55mph if they’re on the bike route!!! There is an official vehicle route that drivers are to use and you can meet at the designated town for drivers and cyclists (usually about half-way through the daily route.)  You can re-connect with your daughter and her friend at the half-way town and plan the second half of the day if you like.  Methinks you’re way too worried about not being able to ride all day each day.  Just get out on the road and train as soon as the weather permits this spring so that by the time July “rolls around” you will be more confident and ready for this type of trip, and when you’re actually on RAGBRAI you can stop every 10 miles or more often whenever you want…or in each town…to fuel up and rest, talk to other riders, etc,…and the miles will just slip away on you.  The first year of RAG is often the most difficult ’cause you don’t know what to expect, but you will love the ride.   Have fun.  This is a leisurely ride at your own speed.  Knees.

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