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Reply To: safety issues while riding

kicks9, February 10, 2011 at 7:40 am

I think the be predictable comment is the best.  Unfortunately the people who need this will never see it or they would know.  When changing your line, point to the line you are taking or point left or right depending on how far you are going (BEFORE YOU GO THERE).  It doesnt help to start changing your line then point, people are already swerving because you cut them off.  Passing on the left is fine, but dont come up behind people when they are passing already and expect them to have some place to go.  And dont try to pass if there is 6inches or less.  You are going to make the person you are passing nervous, and they will either push you off the road or you will push them into the people on their right when they swerve.  Slow down your paceline if there is no room to pass.  Feel free to yell at the slow people who are chatting and riding slow on the left.  They suck!!!


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