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Reply To: safety issues while riding

Zinger, February 14, 2011 at 11:03 am

jwsknk said:

Zinger said:

Davy Sprocket said: Sounds like we leave about the same time.  It is definitely better riding later.  I hope to meet you this year and talk about that quarter-miler of yours.

We’ll make it happen this year! Hopefully you can meet the quarter-miler himself. I’m hoping both boys will be able to ride with me again this year. Sounds like there’s a group of us later riders that should meet up for breakfast sometime during the week!!

guess you need to pick a day & town. Boone or Toona night be good, I think there may be tons of day riders and I bet a lot of them hit the road between 7-8. both days are pretty short too. no need to rush out in the am.
I’ll do that. Dixie’s Diner in Boone might be a good place. I’ll wait until the specific route comes out and try to pick somewhere close. I love me some eggs and hash browns on RAGBRAI!!

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