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jwsknk, February 9, 2012 at 9:02 am

many years ago used Look, went through one set of cleats a year and a couple sets of cleat covers, seems like one was always coming off somewhere. Broke one in half on a climb in Penn. the plastic snapped where the two bolts line up across. Been using SPD and sandels now for about 15 years, metal cleats last a lot longer, easier to walk on, cooler in hot weather and easier to layer socks in when it’s cold.
Others will say this too, but it’s a whole lot more efficient to be clipped in than to just mash on platform pedals. Getting out is just a matter of practice, then when you think you have it down and no longer concentrate on clipping out when stopping, bom, you’ll go down, at least once. Just don’t put your arm out, stay tucked in. Back in the day I saw people with the toe cages do the same thing.
And at the Ride Right meeting, the ambulance spokesman said that 70% of their business involved people either riding in a paceline or getting tangled in in one.

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