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Reply To: Should I register 4 year old as non-rider

Blumblebees, March 12, 2012 at 8:17 am

You are correct he will be in the car with his father (who does not know how to ride a bike). At no point will he be on the bike route so I’m not worried about the temps as the majority of the time he will be in an air conditioned car playing his with leapster game system. I’m not worried about the lost child thing as whenever we are in crowds we have him on a “leash”. LOL which is a monkey backpack that has a leash for a tail. He adores the backpack (wears it around the house when we let him). Also he is shy around strangers so he sticks close to us in crowds. Honestly I’m less worried about him being able to handle the week than I am of my husband. My stepdaughter will be 14 at that time. She is really looking forward to the week. She is a very independent teen so I’m not worried if she and I get separated on the road. We already have plans that if that happens we will meet up in one of the pass-through towns. She is an athlete and plays soccer/basketball year round. She has played soccer outdoors in 100 degree weather before so she knows the importance of keeping hydrated and sunblock. Most I have to worry from her is normal hormonal teenager behavior. I did receive a message from someone suggesting I contact TJ and ask about registering my son so I may just do that. Though I’m leaning towards just paying as I hate the idea of breaking “rules”.

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