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Reply To: Spare Tire?

KittySlayer, July 5, 2011 at 6:52 am

SSC1 said: I’ve been told to bring a spare tire.  Since I will be putting new Gatorskins on my bike just before we ride, I’ll probably buy one extra (even though they are pretty spendy) – the foldable type. 

I always throw a spare tire in my camp duffle bag and carry a boot in my bike bag. @SSC rather than buy a new tire to carry as a spare just use the better of your retired tires. Having a spare tire in camp is particularly important if you have an unusual size such as 650c wheels. When riding the tandem I do carry a spare, folded tire tucked under my saddle.

Plenty of options for a boot to get you to a mechanic or back to your duffle bag. Piece of Tyvek, dolllar bills, energy bar wrapper. The best is a section of an old tubular tire casing. Also use a piece of Tyvek to wrap around the spare tube in your bag to protect it from getting a hole poked in it by the tools in your bag.

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