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Reply To: still wearing my wristband

SSC1, August 10, 2011 at 2:15 pm

I guess some of us just handle the sentimental side of the trip differently. 

I was being facetious when I suggested seeing a “shrink.”  I’m really just keeping the wristband on for awhile because it generates conversations with my friends and the golfing league guys I see each week.  I might keep it on until my first week of university teaching is over – just to generate conversation with the students.  Then – probably I’ll cut it off and put it with the patch I received as part of my registration – and a copy of the booklet (new) that we were sent with registration – and maybe a cool pic or two – in a framed collage on my office wall.  I like to look up and see these kinds of things on the wall …………….I guess you get the idea.

Memories are fun.

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