Reply To: Tent Recommendations

JScout, April 30, 2012 at 10:37 am

Satman: jwsknk +1I like a larger tent (4-person) for air movement and room to getchanged. I bring two duffo-bags; one with camping stuff and onewith clothing, etc. There’s room for them (I repack every night)and the tent has a vestibule just large enough for my bike.I’ve seen others in those backpacking tents ~ I’ve got two of them,and over seven days, I’d rather bring some creature comfort items.The Charter carries my bags, so weight & size aren’t really issues;omfort is!

I do like to be comfortable. I’ve been scoping out the tents on-line, I did find a Coleman 4-person with a vestible. It got okay reviews, except not very durable. I’d spend the extra cash for a more durable tent. What tent manufacturer do you prefer? I also own several backpacking tents that I feel will be too small on this bike trip. I won’t be carrying the thing so might as well go for more comfort. Thanks.

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