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knees36, March 12, 2012 at 10:07 am

Can’t believe they’re taking us along that stretch of IA#175. I have driven it weekly for years now going to Woodbine, that is until recently. Lots of nice towns to visit…Auburn~a past citizen donated money recently (like a million or so) to the town to refurbish Main Street and it looks like a million bucks now!!! Lake City~the overnight for Soggy Monday’s ride in 1981 and a beautiful town, nice city square and some gorgeous older homes, Lohrville and Farnhamville~smaller towns but well kept, more than worthy of our visit there. Gowrie~another larger town with a beautiful city park and a past visit by RAG that was top-notch for entertainment and food. Let’s not forget colorful Stratford on the loop, a really neat town and nice business district…I’ve wanted RAG to go through there for years. Dayton, also on the loop and home of the famous Dayton Rodeo days and a nice golf course if any of the riders are hauling their golf clubs along with them. And Lehigh~a colorful town along the DM River with a nice downhill into town (be sure to apply your brakes early because Main Street and the businesses are right at the bottom of the hill) and then the climb out of town that is almost like Potter’s Hill (a long, winding hill that is steep and curving so you can’t see the top until you’re almost there.) Lastly, there’s the tiny burg of Homer, Webster County’s first county seat, now just a home or two and a church and a small engine business (at least when I was thru Homer years ago) and the last town on the way to Webster City. It’s going to be a fun day of riding.

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