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“Bicycle Bill”, August 6, 2011 at 12:39 am

Hey, y’all, Beebs is back too!!

My computer crashed on me back in early May.  Then my mother fell and broke her wrist — had to have surgery, and spent almost a month in a rehab/therapy center.

She no sooner got home in June when about two weeks later she broke her leg — both the tibia and the fibula.

That got her a day and a half in the hospital, but they couldn’t set or cast the break because of the swelling…..so, out to a different rehab home for a week until they could put a cast on the leg (as an outpatient) from instep to crotch.  Even with that, she’s unable to support her own weight (and I can’t be with her 24/7) so it was back to the rehab center for therapy and so on.  She’s still there, and it will be at least the 15th of August before the doctor sees her again to even think about cutting down the cast; turning it into a walking cast; etc.

So I’ve had other things on my plate, and that’s why my contributions here have been limited to the odd posting while I was able to get to a computer either at the library or while on lunch breaks at work, and why it took me this long to troubleshoot/repair/replace the old computer. 
But I finally did break down yesterday and bought me a brand spankin’ new laptop: an HP Pavilion G7-1150us with Windows 7 Home Premium; Intel i3 processor; 4Gb hard drive; 640 Gb of RAM; and a frackin’ huge 17.3″ screen ….. for under $500.00!!!  I just got it fired up tonight; synced back in with my WiFi at the Schloss Radler and …..

as Ahh-nold might say —— “I’ll be bahk”.


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