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Reply To: Thoughts on a car for 2?

GearGal, August 1, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Whoa, formatting fail.  And I meant Sam Wise in Altoona.  Hopefully this one is  easier to read:
I’m interested in Ride-Righter thoughts on unregistered vehicles.  My husband rode RAGBRAI for the first time this year (he was registered), and I hauled his gear in our 2-door car and camped with him.  Our car was unregistered since you can only get a sticker if you are traveling with 3 or more people.  It was a really nice week for both of us—we typically use our vacation time visiting family (fun, but hectic), so it was cool to have a little romantic adventure, just the two of us.  He’s also pretty introverted, so I don’t see him ever joining a team.  I’m not super-athletic, and don’t see myself biking.  It was nice having the car for spare supplies and to keep things organized.

I was worried about having an unregistered car…I wasn’t sure if I’d even be allowed on some of the support vehicle routes.  I was prepared to park far away and haul our gear into town.  But I ended up being pleasantly surprised—parking seemed really reasonable everywhere we went.  In spots that did turn away stickerless cars (McHose park in Boone and Sam Wise in Altoona), I was able to find ample street parking near the camp site.

But I’m pretty rule-governed and don’t want to be a jerk if he rides again.  So I’m wondering how folks feel about a stickerless car hauling gear for one person in a situation like ours…

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