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Reply To: time to eat?

KittySlayer, July 13, 2011 at 1:40 pm

One other thing with regards to eating… Recovery.

There is a half hour window after you get done riding to stuff your face with a mix of carbs and protein where your body will absorb them quickly and use them for recovery. It is sooooo easy to get into camp and spend time screwing around with your tent and shower and other stuff of camp life and you forget to eat for tomorrow.

Make it a plan to get something good stufffed in your face before you start dealing with everything else. Chocolate milk is great after a ride but does not travel so well in a duffle bag laying out in the Iowa sun. I carry some powdered mix of protein powder and maltodextrin. There are lots of other options too but the key is getting them in that short window of time immediately after stepping off the bike.

Withing five minutes of finding my duffle bag, before I even move it:
1) I am wearing a hat with a wide brim.
2) Have gotten out of my chamois (and into my kilt) to avoid saddle sores.
3) Sunscreen on my feet so I dont burn the tops of them.
4) Mixing my recovery drink and swallowing it down.
5) Finding a cold beer while my wife sets up the tent (YMMV).

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