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Reply To: Tires and flats.

SSC1, March 14, 2012 at 8:58 am

iceman: Geez –if you can’t change your own tubes and tires,you don’t need to be on RAGBRAI.

My wife is a runner, swimmer, and a biker. She is not super athletic, but she works out to keep in “regular shape.” She runs a mile in 10:30, acceptable for a reasonably fit 56 year old woman.

Having said all of the above – she does not change tires or fix flats on her bike. She doesn’t have the physical strength to pump the tire up to 120 PSI – I always do it for her. I guess she could if she really worked hard at it, but physically, she is not super strong. She plays the cello great though, and is a wonderful school teacher.

So if I understand Iceman, Sara should not have ridden Ragbrai last year???

By the way, even though I can fix flats and change tires, I don’t play the cello very well!

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