Registration for Great Iowa Fall Ride Open!

Reply To: What is the purpose for wristbands?

KittySlayer, August 1, 2011 at 7:32 am

Zinger said: …On the other hand, I appreciate all the planning that goes in to an event this size and want to do my part to support it. Why not have two types of registrations? A full service and self service so to speak….

I am sure the man that crashed after some moron made a right turn from the left lane and hooked his wheel was glad he registered and had a wristband. As he lay on the ground while my wife the nurse attended to him he went totally limp and less that two minutes later EMTs were on site. The wristband allowed identification of him and later notification of emergency contacts. It also made it possible to have him reunited with his bike later.

I do like your idea of two levels of registration, seems like it also might make planning for the RAGBRAI officials easier too so they knew how many bags they would be hauling.

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