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Reply To: What to eat during training rides?

Iceman, April 4, 2012 at 12:27 pm

First, eat something for breakfast that will stay with you longer. Oatmeal does it for me.

Second, after about an hour (don’t wait for one and 3/4 hours) eat something with salt. I like peanut butter crackers. They have everything you need – salt, carbs, etc.

Third, you guys in Arizona have the same problem as most of us in Texas. Heat. It’s not enough just to drink when it’s 95+. Find an electrolyte replacement. I personally like Lava Salts. I’ve tried many different types of tablets and my system (and my stomach) tolerate the mixture of Lava Salts, peanut butter crackers, water and an occasional sport drink. Careful – too much sugar will nauseate you for sure.

Finally, I carry a gel packet with me for emergency. I personally cannot tolerate Gu but the Lava Salt gel is not so bad and there are plenty of other brands you should try. Find one you can tolerate.

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