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Reply To: What'cha doing February 5th?

knees36, December 19, 2010 at 9:41 pm

I’ll be there barring any illness or worse.  Began riding BRR in 1982 and have missed only three of them…since then.  I “made up” the first missed BRR by riding the following Tuesday and the guy at the old BP station where  I was filling my water bottle with hot chocolate for the ride to Rippey thought  I’d been on a three day drunk just getting BACK from Rippey…ha, so he just “gave” me the hot chocolate when I told him that  I couldn’t be down at Perry the previous Saturday for BRR; and missed another due to a family funeral in Missouri and let other things get in the way and didn’t make that one up~ then missed the third in more recent years because  I had a catheter firmly imbedded in “old Charlie” and my doctor (who is also a rider) said, “no,no,no” when  I mentioned  I wanted to ride BRR anyway!  There was no making that ride up since  I wasn’t riding again until “everything” healed up and my PSA dropped back to normal…about June. The warmest BRR…about 60 degrees and they even had a beer tent set up in Rippey~~~(Mich…. Rippey does have curbs!!!  You should’ve been there.)  The coldest BRR…about a minus 35 or more below windchill and ice had formed on my sunglasses and the second layer jacket.  My vision got real “wavy” and  I thought  I was getting sick or something, but discovered the ice when  I got to Rippey at the Methodist Church for the early lunch.  The average BRR temp is usually in the upper 20’s…not bad if you got the right “duds” and don’t overdress for the cold.  BRR is kinda like the idea that spring is just around the corner…so you “go for it” because warmer days are not far off!!! If you’re a newbie to BRR and interested in the ride, contact the Perry Chamber of Commerce.  Not sure of their address but  I’m sure you can get it on Perry’s website.  The Chamber is very good about getting their application and waiver to us past riders.   See ya’ in Perry February 5th for breakfast and fun in the downtown area after the ride.

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