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Reply To: Where have all the panniers gone?

knees36, May 5, 2012 at 10:54 pm

I bag every year. I rode 2 years with a charter. Wasa ok way to do Ragbrai. I like a little challenge when do ing a muli-day ride. Was not that challenging on my stick bike so I bag it now. Like the freedom of not having to be up early to get the baggage on the truck. I always bag to the stat also I will be Bagging from Knees & and my hometown of Woodbine this year. About 125 mile to Sioux Center so will be leaving Woodbine on Thursday.

You see more baggers if you start later in the day.

BT~happy to see you’re going to be back in our fine state of Iowa in July and also will be in good ol’ Woodbine for awhile. I don’t get back to ‘Bine as ofen anymore since Mom passed away last October (at age 99, bless her) but try to see the old hometown and visit folks at Rose Vista at least every six weeks. Have a safe trip to Sioux Center and maybe we can meet up somewhere on the ride. Cheers. LP :-D

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