Advice for a guy with a new bike trainer

I got this for christmas:

I’m pumped to use it, but I’m looking for some advice. The kit came with what looks to be an axel to replace my stock one so my back wheel would fit better in the unit. I’d still like to ride outside at least once a week to keep up the feel of changing terrain and wind.
Would it be easy/beneficial/convenient to build a second rear wheel, so i have one for indoors I can pop on and one for outdoors? I’m not really worried about the added expense, as long as it would make sense and get used. What are your thoughts?

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busymike, December 27, 2011 at 12:08 am

It does have a gel roller, so I’m not terribly worried about tire wear, but another perceived bonus is that I could wear down my hodge podge of spare tires I won’t use on long outdoor rides anymore, but could still get a few hundred miles from on a trainer.


Just Krusin, December 27, 2011 at 4:51 pm

So Busy you’ve entered the world of indoor riding, enjoy.  Ok, the quick release skewer is furnished for a reason, most ‘new’ wheels come with many skewer designs so to make it easy for the trainer companies they give you one to use. now about tires/wheels, best solution to your need to switch to outside riding is to have an old bike on the trainer full time, lacking that option a 2nd wheel would be a good choice, might not be necessary to have someone build you one if you shop at Performance or some online place.  But then if you only plan on short outdoor rides you might get away with using the same tire on both.  Now for riding the trainer do you have your fan ready? a towel? some place to put the remote for your tv/dvd player so you have something interesting to watch? 


giantron, January 9, 2012 at 8:05 pm

I have a metal roller trainer and it’s hard on the  rear tire so I put an old crappy tire on for winter. It sounds like this gel type wheel will be easier on the tire, but worth watching for the first few uses.

As JK said, get a small fan and towel, it’s a sweatfest without it.
Mine has the same axle shipped with it like yours, and I use it since my quick release doesn’t fit in the trainer well. (again as JK stated). You can leave that one in if you like, but I still put my quick release back in when it’s out of the trainer.
As for what to do while riding; for just riding a TV is fine, but if you want a real workout get some Spinerval DVD’s. I have Sweating Buckets (it is very true to the title) and a climbing one. I recommend them for a good winter workout. Did I mention you need a fan!! (Note to self: get a fan)


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