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American Pickers Do RAGBRAI?

I got this email from my friend and teammate Mark “Bunny” Bundick a little bit ago. He thinks some of you might find this interesting so I am posting it on his behalf. Mark is a bit of celebrity himself having had a long and successful career in banking in the Chicago area and having been the president of the National Association of Rocketry for a number of years. I’m not sure why he never went into politics since he was constantly dealing with NAR politics and talking to the press about NAR events. We did the whole ride back in 2016 and even though it was early we stopped for a bathroom break at the fairgrounds in Des Moines. When I came out of the bathroom Mark was nowhere to be seen. Where could he be, I thought, then it hit me so I walked over to the TV news van I had noticed earlier and there he was, talking to a reporter! He’s a natural I tell you. Buy him an adult beverage this July and he could be convinced to tell you the story of how he became a “bunny”. Any, here’s the breaking news about the pickers.

Barb and I took a day trip to Le Claire, IA today, a town we know
indirectly because we see it to our right (north) when we cross the
Mississippi on I-80. It’s home to “Antique Archeology”
(, the store featured on the History
Channel program “American Pickers”
( with Mike Wolfe and
Frank Fritz.

I bought a pin as a souvenir, and pinned it on my RAGBRAI hat. Later on,
when I was buying a t-shirt, the clerk asked if I’d ridden the RAGBRAI
and (obviously) I said yes, and that I’d be riding again this year. She
then said “Oh, Mike is going to ride the whole thing this year!” She
then took a picture of my hat and the pin and sent it off to him. Mike
collects antique bikes (making me wonder what he’ll be riding . . .)

Try as I might, I couldn’t find any way to post this news to the RAGBRAI
forum, so I’m hoping Ken will do it for me (hint, hint). I’m pretty sure
that other riders will be fans of the program and would LOVE to hear the
news that one of the stars of the program will be out there, sweating,
laughing and eating his way across Iowa in July.

Cheers, Bunny

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Amanda, May 16, 2019 at 8:18 am

That would be great to see Mike on the ride! I watch American Pickers quite a bit. Love his interest in bikes.


T. Gap Woo, May 16, 2019 at 10:56 am

It would be a hoot to see Mike outside his element! I’ve been to Antique Archaeology at least 6 times over the past five Ragbrai rides. Mrs Woo and I proudly wear our matching T-shirts and regularly use our Farm Fresh coffee mugs. I’d like to buy the American Gothic picture with Mike and Frank that hangs at the top of the stairs by their office, but it’s not for sale. Yet!

Maybe next year, Ragbrai could do two days along the river again and end in LeClaire, after another overnight stop in Clinton. One can only hope and dream.

BTW, what’s the status of the flooding in metropolitan Council Bluffs and along the Mississippi from Davenport south to Burlington and Keokuk? Will the announced route be changed significantly? Perhaps TJ and the staff at DMR can post updates on this website (hint hint, please and thank you).

See you along the I-O-Way in 2020.


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