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Any Shuttles to Start RAGBRAI: From Lansing to Orange City

Fellow RAGBRAI-ers,

What would you recommend for shuttling from Lansing to Orange City leading up to the start of RAGBRAI 2017? I was trying to find (1) long-term parking in Lansing for the week, and (2) then some sort of shuttle service to get 2 bikes and a few bags from Lansing to Orange City on Friday, July 21st or Saturday, July 22nd.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Am willing to consider a shuttle service or work with a private member. Two prior RAGBRAI riders trying to figure out this remote Northern Iowa route.

Many thanks, Alex

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VIKING, April 24, 2017 at 6:59 am

You will have to go to the Lansing website and sign up for parking. But you will need to know which charter or service you will be using. Lansing I believe has more than one parking area. Pork Belly has shuttle service, so do other charters.


GORDON BROWN, May 10, 2017 at 2:33 pm

East to West shuttle services are plentiful. I’ve used Out of Staters once and rode with a private team bus last year. Stick with the professionals. The private team bus was filled with B.O, large dogs, took every bit of ten hours to cross the state with at least 6-8 stops. Saved $100 that I would have gladly paid by the end of the day if I were on one of the professional busses that passed us early in the morning.


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