Anyone doing a DIY multi-day tour this summer?

Look like every organized group cycling tour this summer is cancelled. But the road is calling, at least it is for me. And I suspect small towns across the US will be welcoming to a lone cycle tourist (or small group) passing through with money to spend on inns & restaurants…of course respecting social distancing guidelines.

Anyone thinking of creating their own small or solo multi-day ride this summer?

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tjdale57, August 29, 2020 at 4:10 pm

I did not take your advise and did in fact run into two detours. I skipped around the first but that only took me to the second. I was just a few miles in when I was able to flag down a sheriff but he had no idea what the detour was even for. I took the chance and was able to hike a bike around the construction site, but otherwise I was looking at an additional 20 or so miles for that day.


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