RAGBRAI LI Route Announced on Jan. 27!

Anyone else notice the name of the road you exit Lehigh on?

East Hill Street. Remember that.

We spent our Saturday exploring the western half of the route and meeting our hosts for the first four nights. We drove most of the route from Sioux Center to I-35. Anyone that enjoys a flat ride will really enjoy this year’s route.

If you do notice and look closely, it appears that Day 3 will provide a few challenges and provide for a few “hill walkers”. If you notice the name of the road that the exit from Lehigh takes. East Hill Street. A very fitting name for it. Please don’t count it as done at the first curve, just keep the spin going and you should make it. For those that spent a bit doing arm curls in the town prior to remounting the bike for the ride on to Webster City, the incline should provide for a good means to shake out the stiffness. Do keep some in reserve for the secondary hill climb (Brushy Creek) a few miles later will provide the last challenge of the day.

For those partaking of the Karras loop – or contemplating it, keep in mind this years loop is not flat. The same nice aqueous flow that carved the ditch at Lehigh, also provide a ditch that you will cross not once but twice on the loop. The loop this year will mean much more than a few added miles. It will provide a “few” added feet of hill climb.

Looking forward to a fun ride this year.

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