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Anyone have weird payment issues when completed a ticket transfer from a seller?

Last Friday I purchased two tickets from a seller. When completing the first transfer to me, I was asked if I wanted to add merchandise. I selected a sleeved jersey, then went thru checkout and it never asked me for a cc number. When I processed the second transfer to my boyfriend, it never prompted me to add merchandise, but it did require a cc number upon checkout and charged me $4.27.

Yesterday my brother purchased a ticket from another seller and experienced a similar issue – he added a jersey during checkout and it never asked for a cc number. In fact, it said he would be refunded 80-some cents. (To whom? Who knows.)

Anyone else experienced issues like this? Be both informed the seller of the tickets that they may receive a charge/credit on their cc statements.

We both sent emails to enmotive regarding this issue.

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