RAGBRAI LI Day Passes are still available!

Anyone interested in doing the two rides anyway?

Well, we know they’re both canceled that’s for sure. There is a monumental amount of preparation and planning that goes into both Ragbrai and Iowa’s. That being said, what if we, as a smallish group did the two rides anyway? Sure, there would be no bands, Porkchop Man, or Beekmans, but in all honesty what were we planning on doing this summer? That’s right….riding. My ad hoc proposal (tentative, and open to much discussion) is to go to Dubuque, ride to rock Rapids, get down to LeMars, head back across lovely Iowa to Clinton, and ride or shuttle back to Dubuque all following the original routes (even though Rag may have that same route in 2021). Well, for lack of a better name call it the “Double Crosser” ride. Ok, call me crazy, but what else are you planning to do in late July? Your thoughts?

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