Are You Looking for a Twin Cities Based RAGBRAI Team?

If you’re looking for a Twin Cities based RAGBRAI team keep reading. Our Team is getting together at a local Minneapolis Taproom on Saturday January the 27th to stream the RAGBRAI Route Announcement party. We have a bus, leave from and return to the Twin Cities for RAGBRAI each year. Come meet us and we’ll see if you’re a good match with the team and you can see if you’re interested in us. Our riders have diverse ways we enjoy RAGBRAI. Some ride in sub-groups, some on there own, some early birds, some get in to camp late at night, etc…..

Send me a “private message” through your RAGBRAI account and I’ll send back the details of the get together. Feel free to ask any questions also (only answered through “PMs”, not this post)

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mootsman, January 15, 2018 at 8:20 am

A reminder for those looking for a Twin Cities based team, our get together to meet the team and stream live the RAGBRAI route announcement party is a week from Saturday. Send me a “private message” on this website to get added to the list of people for us to watch for. Let’s see if you and our team are a good match.


Tom McDowell, January 23, 2018 at 10:29 pm

I and 2 possibly 3 biking friends are considering our first Ragbrai. Lots of biking experience but new to the Ragbrai. It appears that joining a group is the way to go. Doubtful that I can make it to the live stream gathering on the 27th but am definitely interested.



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