Bike barter (or not) for ride to ORD/MLI airport?

I’ll just throw this out there because small world… I was thinking it would be ideal for me to get to Chicago or Moline Saturday ~afternoon from Clinton, and would pay for lunch/gas/(beer). ALSO, I have an “extra” 2015 Nashbar Steel CX red 58cm that wouldn’t be fun to ship home just to sell. If it is worth $400, I could accept $300 outright or $200 if you can get me to a flight on time. I’m vaccinated. Bike has a few scratches but works well and would have 450 mile old ~28c slicks. I’m not opposed to charters, but QCBC wants you to wait around to stay at casino (who said there is no airport shuttle anyway), rather than getting home to see the kids. Chicago would save me a layover so extra hour drive would be fine.

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WIIANC, April 27, 2021 at 12:21 pm

Not so convenient for bike bartering, but I also need a ride from SiouxCity/Omaha/DSM to LeMars. I see CIC goes out of Ankeny Sat 10AM, but that still requires a useless Friday hotel, so I could pass some savings on to an afternoon driver. I’m tempted to bikepack from Sioux City, but am not sure how to ship my bike there (LBS is not at airport). SxCty would also be in Uber/Lift/taxi range, but I don’t trust availability. We could rent
a car and shuttle riders back if others are in same situation. Or if you are dipping your wheel in the river, I could ride back on your pegs?


WIIANC, April 27, 2021 at 9:06 pm

Looks like Pork Belly charter has some very convenient shuttle times, so I splurged on that, but still have a great bike deal up until I book return shipping.


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