Bike Walk Across Iowa

It is unfortunate there were many instances where we had to walk into some thru towns this year. And we also had to walk out of Rock Valley. But everyone was in the same boat and made the best of it. Kudos to all town organizers for doing the best you could. I had a great time. See ya next year. Go South!

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KC, August 5, 2014 at 8:21 pm

KenH…you bring up good points. Last year, I had my new Garmin and paused it when walking through or stopping in town so I could see my average moving speed. This year, I chose not to do that for one simple reason – my moving speed just doesn’t matter at RAGBRAI. I train for RAGBRAI to enjoy RAGBRAI. When I’m training, I want to know how fast I can go and ensure I can travel at a suitable speed for a long enough period to get through RAGBRAI, but when I’m actually at RAGBRAI, I want to enjoy it.

RAGBRAI is not the time (for me) to see how fast I can go or even how far I can go. It’s to see how much I can enjoy (and eat and drink). I train so that I can do that, even in unfavorable conditions.


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