Camera found from 2014 ride.

In one of the first towns out of Rock Valley on last year’s route, I offered to take a picture of your group & handed you that camera.Then I took a second photo with another camera. After you (3 or 4) riders rode away, my friend & I found one of the cameras on the curb. Augh! We tried to go through Ragbrai to return it but it got complicated & we wanted to make sure the woman who got it was the rightful owner (One of you, at least, was from Rock Rapids). There are precious birthday photos of granny & anniversary shots as well. Describe the camera & I will make arrangements to get it back to you. So sorry for the LONG delay. Mamaloon

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Groeny82, February 26, 2015 at 10:42 pm

Hello teamloon, I am from Rock Rapids, you wouldn’t happen to remember the lady’s name from here would you? I could definitely let her know and work something out to get the camera back. If you don’t remember a name maybe you could send me one of the pictures with her in it and maybe I will recognize her.


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