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Camping, Hauling, Transportation plans

In case I don’t make the meeting next Monday, what plans are we thinking for transportation to/from the start/end? Camping and hauling gear using the Registers campgrounds and semi, or charter or someone driving it?

Here’s what I did last year: I went solo and used the Register’s semis for hauling my bag and used a few different overnight locations – the first few nights I stayed in the campground, which was not too bad since it was right by the truck, and wasn’t loud either. I used various cities’ websites to request housing and ended up being matched to one person’s yard where they had about 12 people camping and 2 peoples’ houses where I got an actual bed. Those were nice as they let us use their shower, but the downside is I had to bike to the semi, get my 50lb bag on my back and then bike to the house, and then get my heavy bag back to the truck in the morning before it left, and that wasn’t fun. Also, shuttles run to/from the downtown festivities and the campgrounds, and if your housing is not conveniently located, you’re on your own.

The semis are always at the “main” campground, but the “group” campground may be in another part of town, so having separate support to haul stuff would work better if we end up there.

For transportation, my parents live about 20 miles west of Waterloo, and last year I drove up to their house Friday night, then paid the Cedar Valley Cyclists group to haul me and my gear to the start Saturday morning, and caught their charter bus back at the end.

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