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Carpool from the Southeast (Passing Through Nashville)


I’m driving solo up to Clinton from Nashville, TN on Friday then back home afterwards and am looking for some people to carpool with along the way – either you hop in with me or I hop in with you – doesn’t matter. We can split the cost of gas and swap drivers to make the trip a little more bearable. Looking at travel maps, I suspect that many people coming from the southern states are going to pass through Nashville on their way up and perhaps someone would like to make the trip more efficient. I have two protected parking spaces in a gated community where I live where you could safely leave a car.

Also am happy to pick up people along the way. I will be passing through Paducah, Marion, Edwardsville, and Springfield along the way up. Attached is my projected route:

I have a little hatchback that can take 3 bikes and up to 4 people comfortably (though 3 would be easiest). If there’s interest, let me know. Can send me a text at (618) 559 – 2595 or email to cmashton@gmail.com

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