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Looking forward to RAGBRAI number three on my Catrike Road

2015, my first, was brutal, many significant hills the first day. I definitely was not fully prepared and after the first day I had extreme pain in both feet, middle three toes on both feet were numb for weeks after. Got that issue resolved by moving my SPD cleats to mid-sole. Many thanks to my cousin who invited me to join their group.

2017 was absolutely fantastic!!! Rode over 1,000 miles ahead of time, equipment and body were both in the best shape ever, zero issues with my feet. Several times during the week I was able to tag along with a group of bikes. I was right behind one group when several of the bikers in front went down hard, I took the ditch, near miss. Learned an important lesson to NOT draft too closely in the future. Picked up countless items off the road (one of the advantages of being so low to the ground). I was astonished at the wonderful job the Air Force team did every day helping so many riders. I sure hope they consider my suggestion and add at least one trike rider to there team this year…

2018 will be better than ever! My brother and his wife bought new Catrikes and are signed up to ride with me. We have rented a full sized RV. I’m sure we will learn more lessons this time, but I’m confident it will be an amazing experience once again!

Wanted to start this thread for all the trikers who are planning to ride again this summer. We organized a meet last year but with the rain it did not get the participation we had hoped. So, if others are interested, I hope we can arrange a meet again. I very much enjoy meeting all the other trikers along the route…

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Paul Matzen, July 18, 2018 at 9:24 am

If it is a warm day and I get an early start then I probably won’t be there because I will be well down the road. If it is a cool day or I get a late start then I will be stopping by. I’ll be the only trike that is part of the Tide Team.


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