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Charter or private rv

I have ridden one ragbrai using a charter. Can I get some input from people who have ridden using a charter and have ridden using a private rv. How would you compare your ragbrai experience?

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KenH, November 20, 2015 at 8:13 am

I can bump your topic but since I have only done RAGBRAI in a motorhome I cannot make the direct comparison you seek. The MH/RV option is pretty painless. There are usually plenty of camping spaces (this year’s start town being a MAJOR exception, still mad about that….) and they are frequently convenient to showers and other amenities. If you want to run the generator and AC all night long, no one complains. Routes are good and access is good, with the occasional exception. The biggest downside to providing your own transportation support is that you need to find a driver. But you can take all the gear you want. If you have a few people sharing the cost of operating the RV for the week you will generally pay less than the cheapest charter prices I have seen. Unless you have to rent the RV and then I think a charter is cheaper, but the beds are better in an RV, there is AC if you need it, and overnight storms are no big deal.

An RV is a pretty nice way to do RAGBRAI but having studied them from afar I think that charters are too. If you stay in an RV you will have to work at it to make the connections with your fellow campers that seem to come quite naturally for those who do the charter or the Register baggage truck thing and tent camp. I’d like to try that some time. Like RAGBRAI itself it might be a one time thing to cross off your bucket list or it might be completely addicting. Depends on you.


David Dudak, December 10, 2015 at 10:29 am

We have done 11 RAGBRAIs all in the RV, in our case a motor home. We have a driver, my wife which makes it pretty seamless. She actually has a great time herself. When we were still working she felt that this was a great get-a-way with lots of time for herself. She leaves the campsite when we ride off so as to be setup and have the day in front of her. As KenH said, there are some real advantages to this method of support. We look for places at the overnight towns where we can hook up, and most years are surprised to find several nights with electricity and water.
The charters look to be a good way to go as well, but in the end, I don’t want to sleep on the ground, and we enjoy being with the other RVers.


Davy Sprocket, December 23, 2015 at 11:30 pm

I have to agree with the previous posters. I have done the ride self contained and with an RV. I have not ever used a charter. If you have a good driver, the RV set up is the way to go. Warm showers, cold beer, comfy beds, air conditioning and coffee in the morning. My RV is completely self contained so it has been nice to be able to go off route if desired or just not worry about finding a hook up spot. If it is rainy, parking lots are a nice choice to avoid mud and most businesses along the ride don’t mind you parking in their lot.

RV/Trailer is for me. JMHO

Either way you will enjoy the ride.



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