“Clean” RAGBRAI 2021?

Maybe not to early to get ideas on how to make RAGBRAI 2021 more sanitary, more CV19 compliant. Like RAGBRAI’s dirtiest challenge, keeping Kybos sanitary, do riders carry masks to slap on in crowded beer gardens, etc.? Maybe we can help make 2021 happen with the right ideas?

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KenH, November 2, 2020 at 9:11 am

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Let’s talk about how the Cubs will handle the World Series crowd.

Obviously not a concern this year. Last time the World Series Crowd itself was nothing unusual. Games had been close to sellouts for a long time and the Series games were no different. The World Series VICTORY PARTY crowd, now that was different! My first clue was when I got to the Metra station on my folding bike and instead of the normal 30 people waiting for the train there were 300. The trains have a big capacity and I live way out west so no problem getting a seat. By the time we got to the station two stops shy of my normal stop the train looked like a rush hour subway train in Tokyo — even though our railroads don’t employ “pushers” to help pack the sardines in. The conductor had been keeping an eye on things for me so as we approached that stop he warned me that the train would be too full after that stop and the train would make no more until it got to downtown Chicago. I could ride in and then back out or get off now and have a longer ride to work on the bike. The latter did not exactly sound like punishment so I got up, sold my seat to someone for $300, and had a longer than normal ride to work that morning.

Ok, just kidding about selling the seat, I actually picked out a haggard looking woman who looked like she might not make it unless she found a seat and told her to act quick because I was about to get up. The crowd on the train that day was as dense as any I have ever seen at RAGBRAI. But that is rare outside of big events in small towns or small areas of large cities which is exactly what RAGBRAI is.

I’d love to see RAGBRAI go forward next year in some fashion. I rolled my registration over to next year and have been promised that I will get a seat at next year’s table. BUT, if they have to limit the size of the event and have to put those of us who have rolled over our registrations in the lottery anyway I am fine with that as long as if I lose in the lottery my registration rolls over to 2022. And if they have to do something like that I hope they will also conduct another virtual RAGBRAI along with the reduced size real one. I did that this year and I found it WAY more fun than I expected, largely because of the wonderful, fully RAGBRAI quality community that sprung up on their special Facebook page. I don’t want to have to do that again but if I do I will take the whole week and do every day instead of the only three that I did this year. Those of you who did not participate missed out on something special. It wasn’t the same as an in person RAGBRAI but it was surprisingly close. The spirit of RAGBRAI lives in each of us who have done it every day of our lives, in Iowa or wherever we live. The RAGBRAI team has responded to this challenge very creatively and effectively which is outstanding since even before Covid hit they had to deal with their own internal upheaval. We will get through this together no matter how long it takes to defeat this virus.


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