Covid test requirements

Any Idea when the covid test requirements will be finalized? I am waiting for them so I can decide to ride or not.

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Matt, March 30, 2021 at 4:52 pm

With the release of doses and rate of vaccination still in flux, I wouldn’t bet on a requirement being posted by this Thurs deadline. If there is a requirement, it’d be an easy assumption that either your vaccination card or proof of a recent negative test would be the requirement. No doubt everyone’s safety is at the top of their list and it will still be great fun. Have faith and take the plunge. Short of cancelling again, even the strictest requirements cannot be 100% safe. If registering before a requirement announcement isn’t feasible, it sounds like the virtual ride announcement is happening soon as an alternative. Looking at the overnight town sites, it appears that volunteers and vendors may have to test daily and use masks etc. Extra kybos and hand sanitation provided. Signage at communal areas for best practices. Etc. Likely a bit early to tell for sure.


KenH, March 31, 2021 at 12:19 pm

You have (at least) three options:

1) Wait and see. This became an option today because the registration deadline has been extended to April 15 at 11:59pm.

2) Take the plunge. If you don’t like the way things turn out you may be able to sell your credentials on the gray market. Most years you could, this year it’s anyone’s guess how that would go.

3) Ask the RAGBRAI help desk if they have any information. They may be quite busy right now but they are helpful and you have two weeks left to get their reply. If you have concerns I think this is your best option to start with and then either of the above when the deadline approaches if you don’t get an answer in time.

Hope to see you in Iowa this year!


NYC Highwheeler, March 31, 2021 at 12:43 pm

I don’t think there will be any kind of testing or proof of vaccination involved in the ride. Even if there were something for riders, officials, vendors, etc., it would not matter. Almost the entire event takes place on public roads and in public places, and there is just no way to enforce anything. If someone wants to be there, they will regardless of health status.

My own perspective is that by the last week in July, there will be enough vaccine out there that getting it will be a personal choice (I hope). I will be vaccinated, so I won’t be getting or spreading covid. Other people (it seems like roughly 20%) will choose not be vaccinated, and will not wear a mask, social distance, wash hands, etc. They simply don’t believe and/or understand the risks involved, and they are not going to suddenly learn. They will be out there with covid, spreading covid, and suffering the consequences.

I feel very bad for people who are not able to take the vaccine due to health issues or other factors, but hopefully they will be able to stay safe and join the next ride.

If the vaccine is still limited, and people who want it are unable to get it, I will not be going on the ride or anywhere else really, until the vaccine is widely available.

Hope to see you all in July!

Note: I’ll be coming out of Westchester county NY. The risk level here is bordering between “extremely high” and “very high”, and new case have jumped 20% recently.


Elsanador1, March 31, 2021 at 4:53 pm

Addressing a misconception in this thread: vaccination for COVID19 does NOT guarantee one won’t contract or spread the virus. As of 3/31/21 the current medical data only supports that the C19 vaccine prevents severe clinical disease, hospitalization, death. The definitive data are not yet in on suppression or prevention of subclinical (asymptomatic) disease or transmission of the virus. Ergo the usual prudent CDC guidances still apply: mask, hand washing, avoid close contact with folks outside of your trusted bubble, etc. Perhaps some technical nuances, but the facts are critical in order for folks to act accordingly, especially in the context of their own medical circumstances.


KenH, April 1, 2021 at 11:31 am

In an old episode of Friends a couple of the boys are talking to a couple of the girls and the subject of condom efficacy comes up. One of the girls mentions that it is around 98% and the boys in unison say “Nuh uh!!”. And then the other girl confirms the first girl’s statement. “No, way, if that were true why doesn’t it say so right on the box?” say the boys. At this point much hilarity ensues as the boys find a box of condoms and read the labeling for the first time.

Elsanador1 is correct about the three vaccines currently available in the US. They ranged from 65 to 95% effectivity in the testing that was done. Because it was done in a rush not every vaccine was tested in a very broad range of subjects and I do not know that any of them were tested against all of the variants that have sprung up as they were being developed and tested. So we can say that as far as we know a fully vaccinated individual has AT LEAST a 5 to 35% chance of contracting the disease IFF they have a significant exposure to the virus. The vaccines do produce a significant reduction in the severity of the disease in vaccinated individuals who contract it. So, the vaccines are a Very Good Thing but they are not perfect and if you are particularly concerned about this disease you should know the facts before you make decisions about events like RAGBRAI. I am going against the grain of the new regime when I say this but knowledge is strength.

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