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Day 1 was boring:empty countryside

My girlfriend’s parents could only ride on day 1 and they were pretty excited after our tales of all the fun things to do along the route in town and out in the countryside. But then day 1, there was just nothing to do outside of the towns, no vendors even. So we rode 12 miles between towns with nothing to do out there, no place to get food/drinks. Then the tiny towns were just super packed and they didn’t even have water bottle fill stations!

Let’s never to that ‘no vendors outside of towns’ thing again because it really made the day much less fun.

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Anonymous, August 19, 2018 at 11:03 pm

[quote quote=1294700]This thread started out as Day 1 being boring, empty countryside, and somehow morphed into no free water in towns. The countryside on day one was anything but boring.[/quote]
I was not trying to say that Day 1 was boring, empty countryside; i was trying to say that Day 1 was boring in that it was just empty countryside. I tried to use a colon to separate “boring”, which I intended only to describe the noun “Day” and the noun “countryside” which I only intended to be modified by the adjective “empty”. As most of the responses are talking about the aesthetic beauty of the countryside I obviously failed to get my thought across.


Anonymous, August 19, 2018 at 11:17 pm

And that’s not to say that I was miserable day 1 or that I did not have a giant “RAGBRAI **** YEAH!” grin on my face all day. But I do think that day 1 was less fun and had a feeling of missing…something. It’s entirely standard in the adult world to try to identify what makes an experience more or less enjoyable so that the experience can be improved upon going forward. I think that the county not allowing vendors outside of towns and the lack of free water fill stations made the Day 1 experience less enjoyable (they both gave me the feeling of being wrung for every dollar as opposed to being a guest passing through extremely welcoming hosts’ towns).


jake d, August 20, 2018 at 5:59 pm

Jayteeme, I’m not a grammar/punctuation expert so I will concede the point on what you meant.
Glad to hear you had a great time. I love the scenery in that part of the state, but admit I found myself noting locations along the route that would have been perfect stops.
Monona county never sees RAGBRAI unless we start in Onawa. The last time being 2004.
Officials were concerned about regulating vendors in rural areas. I think this was more a case of them making a mountain out of a Loess Hill.


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