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Did anticipated problems happen in 2022?

Before we did Ragbrai XLIX, there was a concern about turn signs and shutoff times. Were either of these a problem for anyone?
I noticed that signage was more noticeable this year. Perhaps it was because I was consciously looking for them, or it could have been that most turns had a patrol car to point the way. On Day Six I was following another rider who missed the turn onto C14. I was expecting the turn to soon, but missed the sign. When I saw riders turn I was able to get myself and the rouge rider back on track. That was probably the only turn without a patrol car.
So, how about the cutoff times? Did anyone suffer being turned away from Casey’s without water or carbs this year?
Were there any other predicted problems that failed to materialize this year? Any that did?

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LawnchairMan, October 15, 2022 at 10:07 pm

Oops, too late to edit. Apologies for my lack of writing skills.
I noticed more signs this year. And please insert a “be” as I was expecting the turn to be soon.


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