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Donald Kaul columns?

Are Donald Kaul’s Ragbrai columns lost? I’ve ridden Ragbrai a few times now, and I remember back to when it started. I couldn’t go then, but remember reading some of the columns that Donald Kaul wrote about it. Something about being clipped in and falling: not caring if the person you grabbed on the way down was a grandma or little kid.

I have looked for Register archives, but they don’t go back to 1973. I think I would enjoy reading them again, both for the ones I missed and to refresh memories of the ones I have read. Having ridden across the state now, I think I have a different perspective. Donald’s comments would probably hit home now. It seams like these should be available for every Ragbrai. Does anyone know where I could find them?

It would be cool to bring them out for the 50th ride? So, we wait for seven years? I could live with that. I just hope they are not lost forever.

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“Bicycle Bill”, May 28, 2016 at 3:49 pm

I have some of the columns in my collection of RAGBRAI memorabilia from my first couple of rides (1978 and 1979).  I’m sure there are others out there with bits and pieces, like me, but trying to round all these up would be a lifetime quest.

I used to work at our own public library in La Crosse WI, and we had microfilm records of just about every issue of the current local newspaper (as well as some of its now-defunct predecessors) going back to the 1880s — and if we were able to have records like this, I’m sure other libraries have done the same.  So if I were you I’d try the Des Moines Public Library or the Iowa State Historical Society. Either one of these should have a complete set of the Register available on microfilm or should know where you could locate them; and there are ways to reproduce individual pages or articles from microfilm onto paper.



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