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Favorite Ragbrai memory

Like everyone that rides Ragbrai, I to have many fond memories of my Ragbrai days. What is your favortie Ragbrai memory and how many Ragbrai have you riden? This will be my 6th Ragbrai and my favorite memory is………..the first time I completed an entire Ragbrai and dipped my front tire at weeks end. The feeling of self-accomplishment can not be put into words. Actually, every time I dip my tire, is special, but none like the first………..

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Satman, June 13, 2011 at 12:55 pm

From 2010:
1.  Day #1 near Quimby ~ A farmer on the route threw a party for “Several
     thousand of my closest friends.”  Free everything!  A band, keg beer,
     hot dogs, chips, spray/mister, great people.  It was hard to leave!
2.  Day #3 entering Clear Lake. The car dealership owner’s house on the
     main drag ~ Free corn on the cob, keg beer, and jumping into Clear
     Lake in all our biking dud’s, on a hot day.  Lot’s of great people and music!
3.  Day #7, Seeing Potters Hill in the rear view mirror!
4.  All the overnights with locals!  Priceless!!!


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