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First Time Rider – Question

This will be my first RAGBRAI. In the countless you tube videos I’ve been watching, I noticed that when camping for the evening numerous bikes are stored upside down. The bikes are left on their handlebars and seat. Why are they stored in that manner?
Thanks in advance.

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pchopsSS, March 31, 2016 at 11:01 pm

My daughter and I, major newbies to Ragbrai and bike riding last year. Lots of learning experiences :) The one thing that we did do right, was purchase a 4 man tent last year. The last thing we did every night, was to put our bikes in the tent. 2 spaces for the bikes, and 2 for us! Tent was small enough for easy take down and set up, and our bikes were dry every morning! Worked great !!


“Bicycle Bill”, April 1, 2016 at 2:45 am

jelly0317 wrote: It was Mapleton.

I thought so.  I remember Rockwell City in 1979; we were camped in a city park — of course, we could get away with that then because there were only about 5000 of us and almost no vehicles, team buses, or other motorized support other than the Register trucks.  I specifically remember Rockwell City because I had been riding that day with a thin jersey with my local bike club’s name on the back.  The jersey did not completely block the sun’s rays although the iron-on letters did, so when I took off the jersey and headed for the swimming pool, you could tell which club I belonged to even topless at the pool.

And Sandaltan; Rockwell City was an overnight on RAG XXVI which was 1998.  I was on that ride as well, riding with Rainbow Cyclists of Waterloo/Cedar Falls.  I can’t remember us staying at the airport; since we were what was considered a “large group” we may have been off with the groups in another area.



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